I get the question a lot. When I tell people my name is my initials, they invariably ask, “What does E.V. stand for?”

Extraordinarily Vivacious. Extremely Volatile.  Electric Vehicle. Ever Vigilant. Emerald Vase. Electoral Vote. Estimated Value. Effervescent Viscountess. Elegant Vamp.

(That third one is strangely related to the nickname kids tried to tease me with in grade school: “Volkswagon”)

EV…is a name I chose for myself. People always want to know what it stands for before they even know me. It stands for me and I stand for…well…fear. I’ve spent my life feeling and exploring fear – recently quite intentionally. I’ve talked with some brilliant people about fear, particularly as it shows up in one of our favorite activities: learning. I’ve written about fear, about how we are used by it and how we use it. I know enough about neuroscience and psychology to be dangerous. I know enough about training, education, and influence to be disruptive. I’m old enough to know that I will live through that which I fear most.

EV – I – stand for Exploring Voids of knowledge, experience, feeling, and engagement.

(for more direct and less poetical info about me, check out my LinkedIn profile in the Contact page)